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Our Bay Area & West Coast beats are highly influenced by IAMSU!, YG, P-LO, Mac Dre, Too Short, E-40, Ty Dolla Sign, HBK Gang, 2 Pac, Chris Brown, Dr Dre, Tyga and more. Use the player below to purchase Bay Area & West Coast Beats.

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West Coast and Bay Area sound?

West Coast is a sub genre of Hip Hop music that incorporates any artist or music that begins in the West Coast of the United States, particularly California. The West Coast sub genre hip hop started to take off from a radio play and deals standpoint amid the mid 1990s with G-funk and the development of  Death Row Records.

The Bay Area sound isn't an official term but it is known by many as a unique type of West Coast Hip Hop that originated from the San Francisco Bay Area and cities such as Oakland. It incorporates many different sub genres such as Pop, R&B and West Coast into one. Many say the bay area sound was created and influence by artists such as Mac Dre, Too Short & E-40. Over the last few years there has been a big increase in songs and new artist inspired by the bay. HBK Gang is among the leaders in modern day west coast and bay area music and many owe thanks to them for inspiring their favorite hits on the radio. Make sure to buy west coast beats & bay area beats today and start making some hits!


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