About Us

About us; We at LiL Medic Beats have setting the standard in high quality professional music production, selling and licensing beats to artists for over 12 years. We feature a diverse music production catalogue of over 300 beats in many genres such hip-hop, r&b, trap, club, electronic and pop. We have produced songs featured on TV/Radio worldwide. The talented team at LiL Medic Beats are professionally qualified in music production and audio engineering, making them perfect for any project.

LiL Medic Beats is highly known for producing the catchy viral sensation “U Was At The Cub (Bottoms Up)” by the The Boyboy West Coast


(Released On Universal Music Group’s, Republic Records.)


Our music has been featured in over 100 million TikTok videos. #youwasattheclub #uwasattheclub #uwasattheclubchallenge + many more hashtags.